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About project

"Bright Uzbekistan" project is an international project developed by "Top Business Group" company and developed with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The project includes a printed publication and online information portal, which are designed to enhance the image and promote the economic potential of Uzbekistan internationally.

The main goal of the project is to show export, import and investment potential of Uzbekistan to the world community. The project is also aimed at strengthening Uzbekistan's position in international economic relations and attracting foreign investors to the country's economy. As well as each issue of the magazine is an indicator of mutual relations of Uzbekistan with other countries.

The publication includes information block on measures to support business activities, as well as interviews with prosperous businessmen and influential figures of Uzbekistan and the world, trade and FEA news, analytical reviews, statistics and analysis, as well as topics related to tourism, sports, agriculture, education and information technology.

Project "Bright Uzbekistan" is a unique opportunity to learn about business opportunities in Uzbekistan and around the world, how entrepreneurs and investors can take advantage of these opportunities to achieve their goals.