Earth hit by strongest magnetic storm in 20 years


An extreme geomagnetic storm has begun on Earth, the strongest in over 20 years.

Earth hit by strongest magnetic storm in 20 years
Geomagnetic disturbances began yesterday evening, the magnetic storm is peaking today and will last all weekend. Overnight, it has already reached the 5th level on the five-point scale. Such a strong "solar storm" has not occurred in 20 years, and scientists agree that this is an extreme phenomenon.

The last time a storm of the highest level was observed was in October 2003. This storm threatens to surpass it.

During a G5 level geomagnetic storm, problems may arise with power facilities, satellites, satellite navigation, not to mention the health of weather-sensitive individuals.

Over the weekend, the arrival of remaining emissions is expected, all of which are extremely powerful.

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