How one man brought up an entire generation of specialists

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There are individuals whose departure leaves their family members, friends and colleagues devastated, although they leave a lot of good for society behind. Their contribution to the development of the country is invaluable, for they bring up a new generation of professionals in their field. During their lives, they do not seek recognition and work in humbleness, although their contribution is worthy of all awards and admiration.

How one man brought  up an entire generation  of specialists

In scientific circles he was known as a doctor of economics and a candidate of technical sciences, a well-known professor, and in political circles as chairman of the Republican Council of Higher Education and a deputy of Tashkent city Council of People's Deputies. For those who knew him personally, he was the epitome of wisdom, kindness and modesty.

The institute he dedicated his life to

Uktam Umurzakov was a graduate of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers and until the end of his days, he remained devoted to his institute. He dedicated his entire life to the Institute. During his work at the Institute, he held the positions of Junior Researcher, Head of Laboratory, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization, Vice-Rector for Research, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Adviser to the Rector, and Rector.  Under the leadership of Uktam Umurzakov, the Institute has become one of the leading universities of the country.

Our Republic is located in an arid zone, 90 percent of whose land is irrigated artificially. And before water "reaches" the fields, it is necessary to consider which method of its delivery will be the most convenient, efficient and economical. Specialists who graduate from NRU TIIAME will always be in demand, for our republic will always be in such climatic conditions.
Uktam Umurzakov

Uktam Umurzakov himself was convinced that the specialists the institute was breeding would always be valuable for the country.

Winning the global arena of education

Under Rector Uktam Umurzakov's competent management and well-planned strategy, the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers has been able to conquer the heights of education not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the world scenes.

Proof that these are not mere empty words are these facts: For the first time in the country's history, the institute was included in the Quacquarelli Symonds ranking of "Best Universities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 2020."

• The institute was included in the Times Higher Education international subject rankings
• Research and innovation laboratories were established on the basis of 16 departments
• The level of publishing articles by scientists of the institute in international journals increased by 3 times
• The number of scientists with an H5 index above 5 has increased 6-fold, and in this respect the institute has taken a place on a par with the top universities of Russia and Kazakhstan
• Three research clusters have been established under the aegis of international organizations
• International cooperation has been established with more than 162 universities in 41 countries worldwide
• With the prestigious universities of the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, the training of personnel began on the basis of joint educational programs of master and doctoral studies
• The Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent at TIIAME took 1st place among the lyceums of the Republic and started to graduate students with a double diploma programme
• The Institute is ranked No. 1 in the ranking of higher education institutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Uktam Umurzakov himself always believed in the great potential of the Institute and asserted that one should not stop with what has been achieved

The future of TIIAME is promising. But one should always keep in mind the challenges and obstacles. Much has been done over the years. I believe that we have built a foundation for the successful development of education and science in Uzbekistan and are creating a platform for international integration in education. We have managed to attract talented, bright students, who are caring and inquisitive. That is why I feel optimistic 
Uktam Umurzakov

Contribution to science: a mentor who has educated dozens of scientists

For almost 50 years of scientific and pedagogical activity, known scientist Uktam Umurzakov authored more than 50 textbooks and manuals, scientific monographs, grants and methodologies, dedicated to development of agricultural economics.
With support and participation of Uktam Umurzakov received a ticket to international conferences CONMECHYDRO (Construction Mechanics, Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering), in which more than a hundred scientists have made the results of their research popular in the international scientific information space.
As a caring and demanding mentor, he acted as supervisor for more than 20 doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.
As an educationalist, he strived all his life to educate all his students with dignity as his children.

The profession of teacher is a worthy profession, worthy of respect and honor. Every teacher has the task of educating not only his or her own children, but also all the students around him or her. Time does not stand still, each subsequent generation is more sophisticated than the previous one. And a genuine teacher must be able to feel this fine line in order to avoid misunderstandings, which not everyone can do.
Uktam Umurzakov

Humble Benefactor

All relatives and colleagues of Uktam Umurzakov, when remembering him, first of all, note his personal qualities and emphasize that such a selfless and humble benefactor like him was difficult to find. 
Uktam Umurzakov would always treat his colleagues with respect and his students with fatherly kindness. Every year close to 25 orphans would have a lifetime chance to be enrolled at the university; their tuition fees were either fully and personally covered by Uktam Umurzakov or by finding sponsors among business friends and organizations. Not many people knew about it because he did not want to disclose such things, which again shows his modesty and sincerity.

A bright memory of a brilliant man: 
how is Uktam Umurzakov remembered?

I had known him since my childhood. It is painful to realize that he is gone now and I will not see his bright, calm face any more and get his wise advice. 
Uktam Umurzakov was a great scientist, a talented mentor and an outstanding enlightener. He devoted almost his entire life to the Tashkent Irrigation Institute – one of the most important universities for the country. So, I am sure that his name and his efforts will live long in the hearts of many generations of his students.
Saida Mirziyoyeva,
Head of the Communications and Information Policy Sector of the Executive Office 
of the Administration of President 

We have a popular saying: "It's easy to become a scientist, but hard to remain as a sensitive human being." I think becoming a good person is just as difficult as becoming a good scientist.
People who combine both qualities, of good scientists and of good people, unfortunately, are rare in our life. Uktam Umurzakov was one of few people who achieved both. He lived with an idea that only kindness is rewarded.
Odil Abdurakhmanov, 
Adviser to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Youth, 
Science, Education, Health, Culture and Sports

It is not in vain to say: “The death of a scientist is the death of the world.”
Uktam Pardaevich left a great scientific legacy in the higher education institutions of our country. His life path and scientific accomplishment are a role model for all of us to follow. 
Fortunately, now his countless students and colleagues have become the pillars of the country, serving selflessly for the bright future of Uzbekistan.
Abdukodir Toshkulov, 
Deputy Adviser to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Youth, 
Science, Education, Health, Culture and Sports

Uktam Umurzakov was a true professional in his field, a talented leader with great life experience, who acted as a think tank of the government and found unique solutions to the complex and challenging problems. He was an acknowledged leader, able to unite, guide and motivate people around him. 
Uktam Pardaevich was highly respected as a scientist and pedagogical leader not only in Uzbekistan, but also in other CIS countries.
Tlektes Yespolov,
Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Leading Agrarian Universities of CIS

He was great at understanding people, and he excelled at handling conflicts between people. 
His personal charisma was attractive and very loving. However, when chaotic, indecisive situations arose during project work, leading to work stagnation, his firm and distinctive opinion proved decisive; his excellent management skills enabled him to bring the Uzbek partners together. 
He was a visionary. His attitude to work, devotion, endurance and generosity should be a guide for all of us.
Dr. Lorant Foldvary,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Professor Umurzakov was a key figure in the successful Tempus Germany Uzbekistan initiative, which was aimed at enabling partner universities in Uzbekistan to offer a master's degree in geo-informatics, which is in line with the Bologna Process, international standards of academic quality, labour market needs and supports sustainable development in Uzbekistan.
On July 26, 2021, a great leader and organizer who made a great contribution to the development of science and education in the world, the region and the Republic of Uzbekistan passed away.
He was a very honest and fair man. His human, superior organizational and strategic skills will be missed.
Béla Markus,
Professor Emeritus of Hungary

He was a brilliant, handsome man. He was an intellectual, an innovator. He had all the strengths of an INTP Innovator and this high demanding nature allowed him to create great results.
It is very difficult for me to talk about this man because Uktam Umurzakov was a mentor not only for me, but also for many other leaders and students. Many young people consider themselves his disciples. Uktam Umurzakov was not only a teacher to me, but also as my father. All my successes are somehow connected with this man.
Alisher Tillaev, 
Director of the Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent

At the end I was reminded of a famous quote by Kant "People can take two inventions as most difficult to mankind, i.e., the art of governing and education." 

Uktam Umurzakov was a man who mastered both of these arts to perfection. 
Such personalities should be preserved in the national college textbooks, so that generations of future leaders would reap the fruit of his wisdom and know that honest work and good intentions sooner or later be rewarded and acknowledged.

No doubt Uktam Umurzakov will be remembered for many generations to come, for he left a legacy of valuable specialists in our country

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