Numa kids: Caring for children and their health through innovative nutraceuticals

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Numa kids offers parents unique organic products to support the health and immunity of children. These nutraceuticals successfully replace pharmaceuticals by preventing disease and promoting organic development.

Numa kids: Caring for children and their health through innovative nutraceuticals
In the modern world, more and more parents prefer the prevention of the health of their children. It is easier to prevent any disease than to cure it. This is where nutraceuticals come into play - organic foods that support your child's immune system and overall health.
Numa kids is closely following this trend by offering parents their unique nutraceutical solutions.

Since 2020, Numa kids has been dedicated to keeping children healthy with a wide range of products based on modern technologies and organic ingredients. Numa kids products include "Baby marine", which was later renamed "Endo marine kids" with an even stronger composition, and "Rikki" - an anti-parasitic agent in the form of gummy bears, as well as "Bonny" - calcium D -3 for strong bones, teeth and for the growth and development of your children.

"Endo marine kids" is a response to the request of parents to provide children with quality and organic products to support immunity. The renaming "Baby marine" is due to its improved composition and organic nature. "Rikki" is an innovative antiparasitic drug that is attractive to children with its form and effectiveness. Bonny offers the important D-3 Calcium needed for the growth and development of children.

Each product is unique in its own way and to this day these 3 products are the bestsellers not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan too.

Numa kids does not stop there and continues to develop new organic products to keep children healthy. Numa kids products have more than 5 international certificates, which confirm that the company cares about product quality. The company takes care of your children and provides you with only the best.

It's time to choose the right foods for children's health - after all, children are our future!

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