US issues harshest criticism of Israel since start of Gaza war


Blinken stated that Israeli actions have led to the deaths of civilians in the Palestinian enclave.

US issues harshest criticism of Israel since start of Gaza war
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered the strongest public criticism yet from the United States of Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip. A representative of the Biden administration stated that the tactics of Israeli forces have led to " the horrible loss of life of innocent civilians," according to the Associated Press.

At the same time, the US Secretary of State added that Israelis have not been able to neutralize all Hamas leaders and militants. Blinken said that the White House is waiting for Israel to present credible plans for security and governance in the Palestinian enclave after the war.

According to Blinken, Hamas militants have reappeared in some parts of the Gaza Strip that have already been cleared by Israeli forces. The operation in Rafah, the Secretary of State added, could leave America's closest ally in the Middle East facing a continuously active insurgency.

The military operation in Rafah, Antony Blinken added, may indeed have some initial success. However, it will not solve, according to the White House, the main problem - it will not be able to guarantee that Hamas will not come back to power in the Gaza Strip.

In early May, the administration of the American leader suspended the supply of certain types of offensive weapons to Israel. In response, the Israeli Prime Minister stated that Jerusalem would fight alone if necessary. The Israeli Defense Forces noted that they have enough weapons to conduct the operation in Rafah.

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