Woman implanted with 52 chips enters Guinness Book of Records


A US resident has entered the Guinness Book of World Records by installing 52 technological implants in her body. She can use the chips to start a computer and make phone calls without any action.

Woman implanted with 52 chips enters Guinness Book of Records
48-year-old Anastasia Sinn, living in the United States, got into the Guinness Book of Records as a woman with the largest number of technological implants in her body. This is reported by Kazinform.

It is noted that there are 52 implants in her body. Among them there is the largest magnet, which can be installed on the human body. The record-breaker considers herself a "cyborg". Cyborg means that a certain part of the body is made up of electromechanics.

The woman can switch on a computer, decipher it with the help of chips embedded in her body. Anastasia's interest in the idea was sparked by her daughter.

“My daughter originally asked if she could get a microchip implant to unlock her computer like a gamer girl that she saw online, and I said, ‘No, you better let me do it first so I can make sure it’s safe,’” she said.

Synn’s implants in her left hand give her kind of a sixth sense.

“I can tell you if your microwave is leaking too much radiation. My hand vibrates,” she explained. Anastasia can also feel electrical wires behind the wall. She can even make phone calls using her implants.

“The one in my left wrist calls my daughter’s phone and the one in my right wrist calls my husband’s phone,” she noted.

But the record-breaking woman also warned that there are risks involved in having an implant placed in the body.

“If I find that I have some kind of illness that requires regular MRIs, I would definitely have all of my implants pulled out,” she said.

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