In Uzbekistan, the results of the Openness Index for 2023 have been announced


On April 1st, a meeting of the Commission for Assessing the Effectiveness and Productivity of Ongoing Work in Ensuring Openness was held at the Anti-Corruption Agency of Uzbekistan. This was announced by the Agency's press service.

In Uzbekistan, the results of the Openness Index for 2023 have been announced
This year, the activities of 103 (compared to 86 in 2022) republican executive bodies - ministries, committees, agencies, inspections, and local bodies - were evaluated. The final results have been published on the platform

As a result of the assessment, 31 state bodies were placed in the green category (71-100 points), 43 organizations in yellow category (55-71 points), and 29 government bodies with performance indicators below 55 points dropped into the red category.

The Top 3 ministries with the highest scores were the Ministry of Digital Technologies, the Ministry of Mining and Geology, and the Ministry of Water Resources with 82.4, 71.7, and 71.4 points respectively. The lowest scores were received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction, and the Ministry of Sports with 50.2, 47.1, and 47.0 points respectively.

It is worth reminding that the Openness Index, published for the second time, is formed on the basis of 8 indicators, consisting of 84 evaluation criteria. Performance indicators are divided into green, yellow and red categories: organizations scoring from 71 to 100 points include in the green category, organizations scoring from 55 to 71 points join the yellow category, and those who scored less than 55 points go into the red category.

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