Las Vegas experiences unprecedented heatwave


Las Vegas experiences an unprecedented heatwave, breaking daily records with 119°F (48.3°C) on Tuesday and likely hitting a fifth consecutive day above 115°F (46.1°C) on Wednesday, The Associated Press reports.

Las Vegas experiences unprecedented heatwave
Even by desert standards, the prolonged baking that Nevada’s largest city is experiencing is nearly unprecedented.

“This is the most extreme heat wave in the history of record-keeping in Las Vegas since 1937,” said meteorologist John Adair, a veteran of three decades at the National Weather Service office in southern Nevada.

Tuesday’s high temperature tied the mark of four straight days above 115 F (46.1 C) set in July 2005. And Adair said the record could be extended through Friday.

The heat was blamed for a motorcyclist’s death over the weekend in Death Valley National Park. At Death Valley on Tuesday, tourists queued for photos in front of a giant thermometer that was reading 120 F (48.9 C).

Death Valley is considered one of the most extreme environments in the world. The hottest temperature ever officially recorded on Earth was 134 F (56.67 C) in July 1913 in Death Valley, though some experts dispute that measurement and say the real record was 130 F (54.4 C), recorded there in July 2021.

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