Political extremism is "flourishing" in the US


According to Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, despite the increase in "political extremism" in the US, the real threat to the country's democracy could be the discussion of Joe Biden's age, which he believes could prevent the president from winning the election.

Political extremism is "flourishing" in the US
American democracy could undergo major changes in the near future, and Paul Krugman, economist and Nobel Prize winner, expressed his fears in his column for The New York Times. He believes that it is not the rise of political extremism, which has long been present in the political landscape, that is the main threat, but rather the debate over Joe Biden's age and its impact on the upcoming election in 2024.

Krugman believes Special Prosecutor Robert Hoore's comments about the 81-year-old Biden's age as "an elderly man with a poor memory" are a telling example of how officials can cross the line by overstepping their authority, which can have negative consequences.

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