Thousands of Israelis are protesting against Benjamin Netanyahu


Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current political situation. This is reported by BBC News.

Thousands of Israelis are protesting against Benjamin Netanyahu
Six months ago, the country was shaken by a series of Hamas attacks, which temporarily diverted attention from internal political problems. However, the population is now once again demanding change and Netanyahu's resignation, who is the longest-serving prime minister in Israel's history.

Protesters in Jerusalem attempted to block one of the city's central highways, the Begin Boulevard. Police intervened, using water cannons filled with water infused with a pungent smell, to disperse the demonstrators.

Families and friends of hostages, as well as protesters, express concern about the ongoing war and the lack of agreements that could lead to its end. Security issues and the authorities' inability to free the hostages are becoming increasingly pressing.

After the Hamas attacks, many Israelis are reassessing their relationship with Netanyahu. While he was previously associated with ensuring the country's security, many now see him as responsible for the failures that allowed Hamas to carry out the attack with such serious consequences.

Despite early successes and popularity, the ongoing war and growing public pressure could pose a serious threat to Netanyahu's political career.

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