Uzbekistan increases penalties for poaching


During a video conference chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the need to create green zones around major industrial enterprises, across all industrial zones, and to strengthen accountability for poaching was highlighted.

Uzbekistan increases penalties for poaching
Measures have been taken to plant poplars, mulberries, gudjuma (a variety of plane tree), and maples around garbage dumps, to create green zones, and to plant saplings around all thermal power stations, hydroelectric complexes, and reservoirs.

The practice initiated last year of free delivery of saplings to social facilities will continue this year. Over 4 million saplings will be distributed free of charge.

It was noted at the meeting that ministers and governors should pay special attention to the growth and proper care of saplings planted by systemic organizations.

It was emphasized that another pressing issue is the recent increase in electrofishing in rivers and natural water bodies. Only this year, illegal fishing has been detected in 39 cases using electricity and in 436 cases using nets.

Officials have been tasked with establishing effective control in this regard and ensuring the supremacy of the law. It was proposed to tighten penalties for poaching.

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