2024 NATO Summit: Marking 75 years of the alliance


Seventy-five years ago, 12 countries signed the North Atlantic Treaty in Washington, D.C., to ensure their collective defense. This year, 32 NATO Allies will gather again in Washington, D.C., to make crucial decisions on how to continue protecting their one billion citizens in the face of the most dangerous security environment since the Cold War.

2024 NATO Summit: Marking 75 years of the alliance
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated, “At the Washington Summit, we will demonstrate NATO’s unity and strength once again – in support of Ukraine, and to keep all our people and values safe.”

NATO leaders will address various issues to ensure the Alliance is ready to respond to any challenge. In parallel, the city will host the NATO Public Forum, promoting a better public understanding of NATO's policies, goals, and decisions through dialogue and engagement. The Forum, co-hosted by NATO and the US Government, with partners like the Atlantic Council and the Hudson Institute, will feature panel discussions, debates, and interactive sessions.

The 2024 summit will announce new security pledges to Ukraine, including creating a new military command in Germany to help Kyiv develop its future force before integrating into NATO.

The summit, titled "Ukraine and Transatlantic Security," will highlight NATO's response to escalating global threats, focusing on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and North Korea's involvement. It will also emphasize boosting defense production and reaffirming allies' commitment to military readiness and the defense of all NATO territory.

The 2024 Washington summit will be held from July 9-11, commemorating NATO's 75th anniversary in the same city where the founding treaty was signed.

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