BMB Holding expands co-operation with European companies


On 23 January this year, BMB Holding management met with Ziya Gaziev, President of Proto Global GmbH, in Berlin.

BMB Holding expands co-operation with European companies
During the meeting they discussed the achievements and results achieved by the joint venture BMB-OPERA Zafferano within BMB Holding in the area of saffron cultivation, processing and export, as well as specific goals and plans for the future.

Moreover, they discussed the issues of supplying saffron grown organically in Uzbekistan and its export to the world market through the use of saffron in the production of biological active food additives by Proto Global GmbH.

A business meeting with the President of Da IERVASI S.r.l. Giuseppe Camastra was also held. Giuseppe Camastra. An agreement was reached with the company to supply deeply processed BMB Agro Plus agricultural products to the market of European countries, including Germany and Italy.

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