Euro 2024 will use a ball with inbuilt AI


The UEFA Euro 2024 promises to be the most technologically advanced football tournament in history. Artificial intelligence and other modern innovations will be employed to accelerate gameplay and minimize referee errors, reports Forbes Sport.

Euro 2024 will use a ball with inbuilt AI
The European Championship kicks off on June 14th in Germany and will last precisely one month. Besides introducing new participants to major football competitions, the tournament will showcase various novelties. UEFA promotes Euro 2024 as the most technologically advanced football competition ever, featuring several new technologies.

The smartest entity on German fields this summer won't be Toni Kroos or even Kevin De Bruyne. In terms of reaction speed, they will surely be surpassed by the official Euro 2024 ball, named Fussballliebe, translating from German as "football love". The ball, developed by Adidas, is equipped with a special chip connected to the Connected Ball technology. This chip allows for precise tracking of the ball's position, transmitting data 500 times per second.

Referees working with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system will receive this data. The chip's functionality will enable referees to quickly obtain necessary information and reduce the time spent reviewing incidents. Primarily, the chip's operation should facilitate the analysis of moments involving handball by determining the exact moment of contact. Secondly, it aims to simplify the determination of offside.

The Connected Ball system will also generate a real-time 3D model of the ball, maintaining its shape regardless of changes. Embedded artificial intelligence will assist in this, helping to avoid mistakes and accurately determine whether the ball has crossed the field boundaries.

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