Gulchehra-begim Makhmudova on the cover of British magazine


On 1 April 2024, the global community gathered at the international conference "Sustainable Development of the Creative Economy: A New Model for Tourism in Central Asia" in Uzbekistan.

Gulchehra-begim Makhmudova on the cover of British magazine
The event attracted experts from a variety of countries including the US, UK, Kenya, Spain, Kenya, Russia and Kazakhstan. However, the key role of Gulchehra-begim Makhmudova, an Uzbek expert on culture, beauty and perfumery, attracted particular attention.

Gulchehra-begim became the first woman from Uzbekistan whose article was published in the English-language business magazine OCA Magazine. Moreover, her article became the cover of the first anniversary issue 2024 of the magazine. In her article, she touched upon the important topic of the relationship between tourism and perfumery, which aroused great interest among Western audiences and experts.

The conference also discussed Gulchehra-begim's project SILKROADLAND - a unique educational and entertainment park that introduces children and adults to the culture and history of the Great Silk Road. This project has been the subject of active discussion concerning new formats for presenting national culture and its attractiveness to tourists.

Gulchehra-begim emphasised the importance of creating attractive video content similar to Western cartoons to draw attention to the Silk Road culture. This idea was supported by experts from all over the world, which emphasised the importance of such projects for the development of the region's tourist attraction.

The conclusions of the conference will be presented in London at the OCA Dialogue Forum Investment Forum in November 2024. In addition, it is planned to publish Gulchehra-begim's books by the English publisher Hertfordshire Press.

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