Kadyrov invites Putin to visit Chechnya


The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the republic, writes RIA Novosti.

Kadyrov invites Putin to visit Chechnya
It is noted that Kadyrov spoke at a video conference call devoted to the renewal of the public transport fleet in the regions of the Russian Federation.

According to the head of Chechnya, Putin "restored the republic".

"But you have not been with us for a long time, so they [the elders] are scolding me," Kadyrov said.

Putin thanked Kadyrov, noting that "everything that has been done in the republic has been done by the hands of the talented, hard-working Chechen people. However, he did not say whether he would accept the Chechen leader's invitation.

Putin was last in Chechnya in 2011. At that time, he held the post of prime minister of the Russian Federation.

In August 2019, Kadyrov said at a meeting with Putin that the elders had started "lashing out" at him with questions about why the president had not been to the region for so long.

"I haven't been to your place for a long time, I want to come and I will definitely come," Putin replied.

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