Kazakhstan switched to a single time zone


On 1 March, a new unified time zone came into effect in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan switched to a single time zone
According to the amendments to the government's decree on time in the country, the fifth time zone (UTC+5) was applied to the entire territory from 1 March 2024.

Previously, Kazakhstan had two time zones: UTC+5 and UTC+6, with most of the country, except for the western regions, being in the UTC+6 zone.

According to Kazakhstani scientists and experts, the former UTC+6 time zone did not correspond to the natural solar time, which negatively affected people's biological rhythms and health.

Establishing a single time zone, in their opinion, will not only be good for health, but will also help to eliminate time barriers between residents of different regions of the country, improve coordination of transport and other communications, as well as favourably affect business and interaction between government agencies and emergency services.

Note that the entire territory of Uzbekistan is also in the UTC+5 time zone.

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