Artificial intelligence will become uncontrollable


This was stated by scientist Roman Yampolsky from the American University of Louisville.

Artificial intelligence will become uncontrollable
In his book titled "AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable", the scientist emphasised that if humanity continues to develop new technologies without limits, the risk of losing control over them increases. Yampolsky noted that we are facing a potential threat that could lead to an existential catastrophe.

According to the expert, it is naive to believe that we will be able to fully explain the actions of AI because "humans’ ability to produce intelligent software far exceeds our ability to control AI". The scientist called AI potentially unpredictable and warned of the possibility of its complete autonomy.

Yampolsky emphasised that if we become accustomed to accepting answers from AI without explanation, we cannot guarantee that it will not give erroneous or manipulative answers. In his opinion, scientists need to find a balance between developing highly developed AI and ensuring security. The specialist concluded that people should be given the ability to override any AI actions or decisions.

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