British Museum to display treasures from Samarkand


The British Museum will showcase treasures from Samarkand, aiming to dispel clichés of camels, spices, and bazaars. Highlights include a monumental 7th-century wall painting and 8th-century ivory chess pieces, marking the first-ever loan from Uzbek museums to the British Museum, The Guardian reports.

British Museum to display treasures from Samarkand
"Silk Roads," spanning AD 500 to 1000, will explore connections between cultures and continents, challenging the simplistic image of east-west trade. The exhibition will feature over 300 objects from 29 institutions, many displayed in the UK for the first time.

It is noted that a six-metre wall painting from Samarkand's "Hall of the Ambassadors" and early chess pieces excavated in Samarkand will be key exhibits.

The exhibition also includes objects from the British Museum's diverse departments, such as Indian garnets found in Suffolk and Chinese ceramics from Egypt.

Silk Roads will be at the British Museum from September 26 2024 to February 23 2025.

On 8-9 June in the capital of Great Britain, in one of the most famous locations in London - the alley next to the Tower Bridge - the festival ‘Culture and national dishes of Uzbekistan’ was held.

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