Names of tour operators organising Umrah have been announced


A preliminary list of organisations authorised to hold the Umrah event has been published. This was reported in the Committee on Tourism.

Names of tour operators organising Umrah have been announced
According to it, 10 organisations have been included in the rating of tour operators for the organisation and implementation of the Umrah pilgrimage. Of them 5 are located in Andijan region, 2 - in Namangan region and 3 - in Tashkent city.

To get acquainted with the list of tour operators authorised (licensed) to conduct the Umrah event, please see the following link: Umrah ratings

From 1 November this year, new requirements for the organisation of the Umrah event came into force. Services related to the organisation and holding of Umrah are singled out as a separate type of outbound tourism. A licence to provide them will be issued only to local tour operators if a number of conditions are met.

From 1 October 2023, a rating system for tour operators providing Umrah services has been introduced. Also, citizens of Uzbekistan can obtain an e-visa for travelling to Saudi Arabia. E-visa to Saudi Arabia is a multiple-entry visa for one year, which allows tourists to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

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