Pashinyan: Armenia not considering entry into NATO


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that the country has not and is not considering joining NATO.

Pashinyan: Armenia not considering entry into NATO
"We have not and are not discussing NATO membership," he emphasised, noting that maintaining membership in the CSTO could be a matter of discussion. "I am not sure if there are discussions on that topic in general, or rather in Armenia, as to how well the alliance-based strategy corresponds to Armenia's interests, in general, in the long term," Pashinyan added.

Speaking to the publication, Pashinyan recalled that back in early 2022, in an interview with CNN, he noted that Armenia "is not an ally of Russia" in the context of the events in Ukraine.

"This is the reality. However, I want to emphasise that our security cooperation with the US, France and other partners is not directed against other partners," the Prime Minister said. "Some of our partners may have concerns about our relations with other countries or how this may affect their security," he acknowledged.

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