Reconstruction begins at Tashkent International Airport


The airport currently serves 7 million passengers a year, and after reconstruction this figure will reach 13 million.

Reconstruction begins at Tashkent International Airport
Large-scale reconstruction work has begun at Tashkent International Airport. According to the project, the area of the international airlines terminal will be doubled, the entrance to the departure area will be changed, the arrival and departure halls will be combined into a single complex, and an open terrace will be built on the second floor.

At the moment, the capacity of the international terminal of Tashkent Airport is 7 million passengers per year. This year it is planned to serve 6.8 million passengers through the capital's airport. The international terminal expansion project will be implemented in 2 stages and will continue until the end of 2025. Once completed, the airport's capacity will reach 13 million passengers per year.

A significant stage of the reconstruction will be the modernisation of the baggage handling system. With the installation of the new system, the airport will be able to track the movement of each passenger’s luggage inside the building in real time, which will minimise losses and load luggage onto the plane on time. Also, the construction of a new baggage sorting area and the installation of baggage handling equipment will allow passengers on some flights to cheque in and process their baggage 24 hours before departure.

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