Türkiye is once again facing a natural disaster


Heavy downpour with thunderstorms started in Antalya on the evening of 12 February, causing flooding and transport problems, Hurriyet reported.

Türkiye is once again facing a natural disaster
Due to the adverse weather conditions, authorities decided to cancel classes in schools on 13 February. The storm severely affected the central districts of Antalya. Back in the evening, the regional meteorology department announced an "orange" warning for dangerous weather. The wind speed, which initially exceeded 12 metres per second, increased throughout the night, causing trees to fall on some beaches.

Due to the flooding, the city streets were flooded, parked cars floated on the water, and the water level in subways and car parks increased significantly. Flights at Antalya Airport were temporarily suspended, and traffic problems arose in various regions of Türkiye.

Hail the size of a hazelnut fell in the Cesme district of Izmir after heavy rain at night.

According to meteorologists, thunderstorms are expected on the Aegean and Western Mediterranean coasts on 13 February, while heavy rains will continue in Antalya in the morning.

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