Ukraine presses Biden to lift ban on using US weapons to strike Russia


Ukraine has demanded that the USA allow strikes on Russian territory with American weapons amid the advance of the Russian army in Kharkiv Region. This was reported by Politico with reference to Ukrainian officials.

Ukraine presses Biden to lift ban on using US weapons to strike Russia
A group of Ukrainian officials is now in Washington to seek support from Congress to force President Biden's administration to lift the ban, Politico reported. According to the publication, the goal of the Ukrainian armed forces is to strike Russian military depots in order to push back the advance of the Russian Armed Forces in Kharkiv Region.

Two US officials told Politico that the White House policy had not changed and the weapons supplied were intended only "for defence, not for offensive operations on Russian territory". In addition, according to the publication, Ukrainian representatives said that it was the Biden administration's policy that restrained Kiev from attacking Russian positions.

The newspaper said Ukraine has been striking Russian territory for months, using its own small drones to attack oil facilities, but officials in Kiev insist they need more powerful US missiles to break through Russian air defences along the border.

Last week, the Russian Defence Ministry reported that nine settlements in Kharkiv Region had been taken under control. On 12 May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy confirmed the advance of Russian troops in the Kharkiv direction. He said that fierce fighting was taking place there and that there were villages "which have actually turned from a grey zone into a combat zone". On 13 May, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the transfer of reserves to Kharkiv Region.

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