Americans will bear responsibility for DPRK nuclear tests


This was stated by Russian Ambassador Alexander Matsegora, speaking about the possibility of nuclear tests by the DPRK.

Americans will bear responsibility for DPRK nuclear tests
According to statements by the Russian authorities, it is quite likely that North Korea will decide to conduct nuclear tests, but in the event of such a development, the responsibility for them will lie with the United States and its allies.

According to Matsegora, in order to strengthen the country's defence capability, North Korea may decide to conduct nuclear tests if Washington's provocations continue, which are becoming increasingly dangerous. He emphasised that while such a scenario is not desirable, if it does materialise, the responsibility for this will fall entirely on the Americans and their allies.

Earlier, it was announced that North Korea conducted a test of an underwater nuclear weapons system in protest of the Republic of Korea, the US and Japan's drills. The Institute of Underwater Weapons Systems at the country's National Defence Academy tested the Haeil-5-23 underwater nuclear weapons system in the waters of the Sea of Japan, which is still under development.

Republic of Korea President Yun Seok-yol said in response to these actions that the country has no intention of developing a nuclear deterrent in response to the potential threat from a nuclear-armed North Korea.

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