New hydroelectric power station inaugurated by President in Saryasi district


In accordance with the Presidential Decree of 17 October 2017, the construction of small power plants was launched on the Tupalang River. In particular, the 37 MW Zarchob-1 hydropower plants were commissioned in December 2020 and the 38 MW Zarchob-2 in September 2021. Today they produce enough electricity for 48,000 households.

New hydroelectric power station inaugurated by President in Saryasi district
During his visit to Surkhandarya region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave a start to the construction of a small HPP "Zarchob-3", which is planned to be commissioned on the Tupalang River. This was reported by the President's press service.

Reportedly, today, 16 November, under the leadership of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the foundation stone of the construction of a small hydroelectric power plant "Zarchob-3" was laid.

Once commissioned, the 16 megawatt plant will start producing 70 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Also, since other facilities mainly generate electricity during daylight hours, hydropower performs the function of normalising the energy balance. The cost of electricity is also much cheaper compared to other sources.

According to the current system, river water under special pressure is first sent to the Tupalang hydropower plant. Then the flow will spin turbines at Zarchob stations, which are not far from each other.

Moreover, ample opportunities are being provided for the private sector to build micro hydropower plants. Legal and economic conditions have been created for this purpose. In particular, a 20-year land lease has been introduced for entrepreneurs wishing to build small and micro HPPs, as well as a system of guaranteed purchase of electricity produced by them by the state.

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