Uzbek cherries conquer the Indian market


Indian fresh produce trader Fresko Fruits has successfully imported cherries from Uzbekistan.

Uzbek cherries conquer the Indian market
According to Amit Sharma, owner of the company, the produce has been received positively by the consumers in India as well: "The Uzbeki cherries have been quite well-received by Indian consumers. They appreciate the unique taste and quality, which stands out compared to other imported cherries. The prices of Uzbeki cherries are also competitive, though they can be slightly higher than some of the other origins. However, the superior quality and taste justify the price difference, and customers seem willing to pay a premium for these cherries."

Looking at the transport of the cherries from Uzbekistan, Sharma has been very satisfied with the state of the produce once it arrived in India with minimal delays: "The transit of the Uzbeki cherries to India was efficient, with timely deliveries and minimal delays. The cherries arrived in excellent condition, maintaining their freshness and quality, which is crucial for our market. All in all, Uzbekistan has demonstrated the capability to provide sufficient volumes to meet our demand. While there is always room for scaling up, their current supply is reliable and consistent."

So why go for the Uzbeki cherries when there are a lot of other origins available that have more experience in exporting their cherries to India? According to Sharma, this had multiple reasons, such as shelf-life: "We decided to try out Uzbeki cherries due to their reputation for high quality and distinctive flavour. Additionally, diversifying our cherry sources helps mitigate risks associated with supply chain disruptions from any single region. One notable aspect of the Uzbeki cherries is their longer shelf life compared to some other varieties. This has been a significant advantage for us in terms of inventory management and reducing wastage. We have also received positive feedback from customers regarding the cherries' appearance and taste."

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