Uzbekistan will introduce a 'social card' to digitise the management of social services


President Shavkat Mirziyoyev reviewed additional measures in social protection, according to his press service.

Uzbekistan will introduce a 'social card' to digitise the management of social services
During the presentation, the need to transition to a digitized disability assessment system was highlighted.

According to the document, the new system will initially be implemented in Tashkent city and Navoi region, and gradually across all regions by September 1, 2025. Medical documents will be electronically submitted to Expert Commissions by family doctors.

The system envisions abolishing the current process where Expert Commissions issue recommendations on professional rehabilitation, education, sports engagement, and disability determination. The focus on employment, sports, and education will be based on an individual approach.

Only buses adapted for persons with disabilities will be allowed to participate in public transport procurement tenders. Free services will be provided in urban public transport to individuals with disabilities of Group I. Practical measures will be taken to involve persons with disabilities in cultural and entertainment events.

Another innovation will be the introduction of a "social card," fully automating the processes of assigning, providing, monitoring, and evaluating social payments, subsidies, services, and assistance. The "social card" will serve both as a payment method and as proof of eligibility for social benefits.

This system will first be implemented in Tashkent city and Yangiyul district, expanding to other regions next year. As a result, 72 types of social services, 76 types of assistance, and approximately 200 benefits will be consolidated into a unified electronic system. Paper documents will be discontinued, saving time and resources. The digitization efforts will also introduce a "social digital passport" reflecting the needs and capabilities of each family.

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