Apple named most expensive brand in the world


The brand's value rose 74% in a year to reach $516.6bn.

Apple named most expensive brand in the world
Apple has become the world's most expensive brand after its value grew by 74% to reach $516.6bn, while Amazon's value grew by just 3.2% to $308.9bn, according to the Brand Finance Global 500, an annual study by analysts.

It is noted that Apple has significantly increased the value of its brand, despite stabilising the share of iPhone sales. The company still holds the position of leader in the market of premium smartphones, with a share of 71%.

In second place in the ranking is the Microsoft brand, which climbed from fourth place and increased its value by almost 78% to $340.4bn, with Google in third place, increasing its value by 18.5% to $333.4bn.

Samsung and Walmart, whose brands showed negative dynamics, followed closely behind. Samsung's brand value fell 0.3% to $99.4bn, while Walmart's fell 15% to $96.8bn.

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