Hungarian PM Orban arrived in China


Orban's visit is unexpected for China, but it is given great importance.

Hungarian PM Orban arrived in China
The visit of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was unexpected for China, but the trip of the head of the Hungarian cabinet is given great importance in Beijing. This is reported by the Chinese publication Pengpai, citing sources.

Diplomatic sources informed the publication that the visit of the Hungarian Prime Minister was unexpected. The publication noted that the organization of the meeting with Chinese leaders highlighted the great importance of this visit.

Prior to that, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Orban in Beijing. Viktor Orban arrived in China on the night of 8 July, Tashkent time.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Xi Jinping and the Hungarian Prime Minister will talk on topics of mutual interest.

On 5 July, Orban visited Russia. He called his visit a continuation of his "peace mission", posting a photo from Vnukovo airport. The European Union sharply criticised Hungary for the visit and Germany demanded that the country step down from the EU Council presidency.

A day earlier, he had visited Kiev.

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